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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Petticoat Parade part one

Character design and style. Creme on the left, Poppy on the right. 

I wrote a script in my Creative Writing class titled Petticoat Parade. It's very short [2 pages], about two lolitas, one a seasoned veteran [Creme - inspired the lovely Christine] and the other new [Poppy]. Poppy returns after her first day out in full lolita fashion. She gets made fun of and says she's given up. Creme steps in and tells her about how wonderful it is to feel pretty after getting past the initial negative reactions. She talks about her dream dress, wearing vintage in school, and how it doesn't matter what people think.
For the final in the class, we have to present a piece from our portfolio in a creative way [e-zine, monologue, sing a song, etc]. I chose to use my script as it was the one I liked the most and got the best feedback on. I decided for the presentation, I would draw out parts from the script as a sort of children's book style since the theme and message could certainly apply to kids.

I originally broke it down into ten pages, but cut it down to eight just to make things easier on myself. They're going to be matted on two white poster boards with the script out to be read, and probably have simplified and child-friendly narration beneath the images.

I've got two pages done today, and if I work at two pages a day, I should have them all finished by Sunday.

Choosing colors was really difficult, I ended up using a lot of pink/red without meaning to. I just wanted to avoid using black, since I wanted a youthful and pastel-y touch to it.

I also didn't want to leave the background plain white, hence the slightly odd bedroom color combination [green floor, blue striped wall paper with flowers, and pink four-post bed], but I wanted to keep things simple...

At this point I regretted putting the dressed mannequin so close to the bed! But at least the background isn't plain...

Creme was originally supposed to have "black" hair [purple/blue mix], but since Poppy was already so darkly colored, I opted against it. Also, as Creme talks about her dream dress debut, her hair is a different color [a wig]. But since this is going to be viewed by people who don't have knowledge of the fashion, it seemed best to give her one hair style/color to avoid confusion.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I'll have a post with all the pages with better pictures in the future.
Also, sorry for the in-your-face watermarks.

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  1. Christine the CremeMay 17, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    omg! This is so exciting! *0* How super cute and cool to have a Lolita children's book! *-*