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Monday, May 14, 2012

Asian Cultural Festival

We had an awesome banner!

I attended Asian Cultural Festival on Saturday, representing lolita fashion in general and San Diego Lolitas, my local group. I didn't really have much details on what was going on, I just knew we had a booth and table space...so I kind of went into it a little blindly. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that we had a legit booth and banner! I haven't been regularly attending meet ups, so I didn't know we were an organization, haha. It's pretty damn cool though.

The water dragon mascot is so cute!

Please excuse my hair and hand! I could barely see the screen on my camera and didn't realize I was partially in the shot! I got to stick my things in a glass display [provided by Trilainna, one of the local girls], which was perfect since it was super windy and my stuff would have likely blown away. The Anime Conji booth right next to us had their tent/tarp blown over. It was crazy and a warning for the rest of us! All down the line for the rest of the event, at least one person in each booth seemed to be holding theirs down cautiously.

All of the for sale items!

We had three mannequins up displaying different coordinates. I forgot to get a picture of the other one, it was on the opposite side of the booth, but it was wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Bunny Milk Snow Strawberry in white.

Also had a raffle for four different items. Two Pullips wearing what I believe were Angelic Pretty designs [some type of trump print and another had...Lyrical Bunny?], a Putumayo tanktop and a strawberry printed bolero handmade by Ari of Le Gateau a la Mode / The Fashionable Cupcake. It was so cute. I bought a ticket, hoping to win it. No luck...

Later that evening, despite being dead and tired, I managed to make a few things.

I'm planning on making flowers to put over them.

And last night I made this tiny bag. I don't know why or what I'm going to do with it...it's much too small to even be in scale for my smallest dolls.

The flower was going to  be a decoration for the bag, but it turned out a little big...

Now have some crepes!

I forgot to take pictures after I folded them with Nutella ^^;

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