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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Petticoat Parade part four

Highschool Creme! Wearing some kind of either gathered maxi-length dress or a short fringed dress. I haven't decided. Either way, she's definitely the talk of the halls, and not exactly in a good way. I've personally never experienced anything like this growing up, but I do hear talk about other students staring and stuff from friends who attended different schools. In this case, Creme went to one of those schools.

In the original storyboard, there were only three people in the background. It had the two on the left, and one person on the right throwing paper at her. Because the initial sketch was just that, a sketch, I didn't put much detail into how the person looked throwing the paper. When it came down to actually drawing it in larger scale for this, I couldn't figure it out! Foreshortening in combination with this more cartoony style was difficult because their hands are so small and arms are so long and thin! Instead, I just stuck more gossipers to the side.

By this point I was in a bit of a rush to get everything done, that I forgot to take in between photos of sketch->ink->paint. But hey it's all done! Woohoo!

I may add two more pages just to finish it off better, but again, with that deadline I had, 8 was more reasonable. Either way, this won't be the last you see of Creme or Poppy. And if you'd like to follow the real woman Creme is based on, she's right here.

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  1. xD gah! This is so sweet and charming! >w< It's so wonderful to share a little insight into our little world and some of our experiences and how to get past them :3

    I can't wait till we start working on publishing this! xD