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Friday, March 23, 2012


I have all these fabric scraps and fat quarters that need to be used. I bought them to make doll clothing, but I just haven't been feeling like doing that.

Kanzashi are pretty. Technically, kanzashi just refers to hair ornaments, but since I live in the west, I'm talking about the fabric kind made with petals. Usually when I think of kanzashi it's the flowers, but of course there are creative people out there making other things with the petals that really amaze me. I don't know if I have the patience to try tackling something like a swan or fish, so for now I'll stick with flowers.

I've made kanzashi flowers before, but with origami paper making it slightly different since all the folds are more sharp and of course more stable. All my previous attempts at making fabric kanzashi have gone wrong, I tried making one a few days ago, it did not go well. I tried a different approach for this one, aiming for pointed petals instead of the rounded kind. I always had problems opening the rounded petals...

So after looking up different tutorials, I found that the pointed petals were just the reverse side of the normal petals! Just slightly different with folding the corners outward instead of in.

I'm really happy this turned out well! Because it did, I decided to tackle larger petals!

I forgot to take a progress shot of the purple, but I'm glad I managed to get this one. It's kinda cool seeing it as a fan too.

I'm thinking of maybe layering them and having a giant bow behind it, but I don't know if I have enough of either fabric to make a big bow just yet. I'm also in need of a pretty ornament to place in the center. The black doily isn't part of it, it's just there to make the kanzashi stand out more. It's kind of nice though, so I guess if anything, I've got some black fabric.

Also, I've added some stuff to Etsy. Check it out~

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