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Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh Little Nemo, I want to go there too.

Inspired by Little Nemo, from the opening sequence where he's flying around on his bed and goes through the clouds into an area with tilted and decaying buildings. At first I actually was going to have Nemo on his bed, but I wanted it more inspired instead of straight up fan art and went for a childish train instead. I couldn't quite portray everything as nicely as I would have liked because of "atmospheric perspective," in which stuff in the background has less details...and is gray. The media used is copic marker, leftovers from when I was into it about 5 years ago. A few of my colors dried up in the making of this, hence the shoddy coloring of the buildings. I only have one gray marker left. I had to use my purples to substitute for the background grays which I think turned out fine. I just wish I could have done more with the background instead of leaving it blank...

Sorry for the lack of craft posts, it's just without the pressure to make things by a deadline, I guess I've been feeling a little lax about making things. I mean, I really would like to get rid of some of my stock first before buying more supplies to make different things! *hintmorestuffintheshophint* Maybe next time.

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