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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deer Patches

I've been handsewing more, making random things like the bunny above. I'm just trying to think of different ways to use the black puffpaint. The bunny's HANGRY&ANGRY inspired, that's where I got the stitching idea from. It's a pin, and I think it'll look quite nice on my h.NAOTO purse...

Chocolate truffle melty bow strap. Drizzling is a lot different than dripping...I had to wipe it off and try again.

Fox-deer-head strap. It's supposed to be a deer, but as I was sewing it, it started to look more fox like to me. I'm unsure about making more.

Deer patch! It was originally supposed to just be a puffy deer pin, but after I traced the deer template, I started cutting along the line exactly instead of giving myself seam allowance! But I didn't want to waste it since I already started cutting and just decided to patch it onto different fabric. So now it's more of a puffy deer patch. Used some embroidery stitches I learned, even if they're not even! The size is pretty oblong since I just did free hand cutting...it'll stay in my personal collection...

I thought it was so cute though and wanted to make more! I think it's very suitable for mori girl, the colors and the stitching fit the aesthetic. Made a template for the back part too.

Cool thing about multiple things like this is being able to show the different stages this way.

All patched on!

One stuffed and ready for a pin to be sewn on! Sadly though, I'm running out of pins and clasps for necklace/bracelets...I'll hopefully have time to pick some up on Friday.


  1. Oh those deer patches are too. friggin. cute! I'm a sucker for deer things <3

  2. Thanks x3
    I love deer stuff tooooo~ I really want a deer printed fur collar! > 3<

  3. Anthony StuertzelMarch 19, 2012 at 7:29 AM

    The bunny is awesome. It could make a really cool accessory. =3