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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AC Prep: Biscuits

Sweets biscuits! I've wanted to make them for a while, but I kept putting off getting clay and stuff. Finally got around to it when I bought more supplies last Friday. I figured, I was there, I needed more things to sell, why not?

The first batch. I only made 6, two of each shape so that I could test both "frosting/sauces." The chocolate is definitely easier to work with, but I think they both look fine.

Making more~

And more! I bought three colors to mix, and of course had brown clay left over since I only needed a little to mix with the other kind. I had used up most of the main color and 1/3 of the secondary, and a few pinches of the brown. The brown's actually a lot darker, so it's lightened up with the secondary color. I actually really like the chocolate biscuits more, even though in real life they tend to not be sweet enough to me! But since these aren't for eating, it's okay~

After baking, with straps attached and frosting started! I kind of wish I had frosted them before adding the straps though since they kind of got in the way.

All frosted and drying!

In between waiting, I heard my cat make noise, but I couldn't see her anywhere. I thought she was on top of the hutch, but when I got looked, she wasn't there. I looked at my dresser, since I had most of the drawers open [i forget to close them sometimes], but I didn't see her in there either. I wasn't sure if she was further in, so I shook a container of cat treats and her head popped up from behind the drawer! She was sitting on the drawer beneath since the one above was pushed out. Eventually I coaxed her out from the back, then took a picture of her in the top drawer where she went in.

All dry and ready!

Over all, not too bad. I'd like to make more, especially sandwich styled cookies.

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