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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anime Conji

First, sorry for the low quality picture! I forgot my camera on day 1, so the photo above and below were taken with my 3DS.

Here's my table set up from the first day. I didn't have any displays to work with, so I ended up using my books to prop things up and look pretty. I really wish I had a necklace display, that would've been excellent to put all the biscuit straps on.

Day 2 set up from my side. More stuff and shifts in placement. This was the most successful day, but I made about the same amount each day! 

At my table, showing off a Kodama. My boyfriend/assistant managed to sell one while I was away. I'm a little surprised that the other didn't sell, people tend to really like Kodama, and it was probably the most "anime" thing I had, aside from the Madoka phone straps.

Showing off my exhibitor badge. Sporting three ribbons, one Artist [came with the badge], one Mathematical! and one Lolita Love. I've got the Lolita Love on my badge from last year too. Gotta show the lolita love ;3 I also got to meet Holley of Holley Tea Time [technically I met her day 1, but we hung out more day 2], who is so cute and super sweet. If I was seriously into kawaii culture and OTT sweet lolita, I would have been ALL OVER her stuff. I did buy a puffy cat printed bow, I couldn't resist the cute cats~ I really wanted to buy one of her lucky packs, but since I'm not OTT sweet, I probably wouldn't have kept much from it ^^; Although, one of my friends bought a pack and got some really cute stationary. I love stationary...anyway--

I attended the Lolita Fashion Party that day too. It wasn't much of a party, but more so a Lolita Fashion Contest. It was still fun though and the turnout was great. I won a medal for Judges Pick [3 were awarded, 1 per judge], so that was really nice. Holley won best brand coordinate [rockin' AP's Decoration Dream I believe] and my friend Christine won best over all coordinate. She looked like a mermaid!

This was all followed by free food before I returned to my table. I spent about 80% of my time at my table. Which I'm totally okay with, since it was cold, windy, and sometimes rainy outside. The con was pretty spread out, so staying inside one building seemed ideal because of the weather.

My boyfriend being kawaii desu at the table on day 3. More set up changes. Christine was kind enough to lend me her tiered tray, but it still didn't help sell the biscuit straps! I don't know why, I thought they were the cutest items I had @_@  I sold a fair amount of bows and pins though, likely due to pricing down everything, but I suppose that's okay. And I've decided to keep things priced that way. It's about sharing the frill anyway.

I'll be gradually adding more to the Etsy shop since I have so much leftover stuff! So far I've listed the red bow tie necklaces and two of the many biscuit straps.


  1. Awesome to hear that your business is doing well. =3

  2. Christine the CremeMarch 21, 2012 at 7:27 PM

    I told you I had a necklace display! D; Coulda totally lent it to you.

    What an experience to learn from for next year though :) and maybe we'll all be there xD

  3. I meant something like this xP