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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monster Hat Emporium Review

I'm trying to be more involved in the Artist Alley community, getting and giving feedback, things like that. As I became a regular, something really caught my attention. Terrifying monsters. As scarves. Hairy, fangy, and with a bunch of eyes. Monster Hat Emporium is a creator of creatures both cute and creepy. While her bug-monster scarves weird me out (their faces are too spider like for me), the rest of Grue's stuff was just the right amount of spooky for me! I asked if she'd want to do a swap and after a few weeks of me being forgetful, finally got things rolling.

I was a dummy and forgot to take box opening pictures because I was so excited, haha! The box had purple tissue paper, two monsters, and two little plastic bags. In one bag was a necklace, wrapped up in tissue for cushion and the other contained the above pictured.

I really love the design of these cards! The picture and placement of the logo work really well with the horizontal orientation and the font choice in the back isn't try-hard creepy. The quote is also a nice touch.

I knew immediately when she first posted pictures of piglets that I wanted one. They were the right amount of cute and creepy and just look at those eyes! I couldn't resist putting some accessories on it. The piglet is super soft and squishy and cuddly.

A few crits though is the paint. There was a little bit of black on the eyes, but I was able to rub it off with a toothpick. There are also two strands of hair behind the glass of one eyes, but it's really unnoticeable unless closely inspected. I guess with all that faux fur, getting bits here and there is expected. Those things aside, I love the little monster.

It can even stand on it's back legs, not that this picture really showcases it that well...

Bad luck monster foot as opposed to a lucky rabbit foot. It's a noticeably good size, not too small or too in your face. I actually don't wear necklaces that often, so I might safety pin it to a bow center or a collar/lapel for other uses. I think it would be cute as a "friendship necklace" with a left and right foot.

Lastly, a red eyed hair fascinator. For this sort of thing red is a very classic(?) color and would match well with my monster bat and J-punk/goth clothes. The fur is fluffier than the piglet and the fangs are glossed as well as probably the pointiest of the bunch. There's also pink between the teeth like it just ate something, suitable for a monster about to eat brains.

And here are some silly pictures with the stuff! I haven't gone out since the package arrived, so no chances to show them off yet.

I'm incredibly happy with everything, and would highly recommended Monster Hat Emporium! Especially the piglets. Everyone needs a piglet.

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