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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Return of the Bunny Mufflers! And prints!

Chasing the Frill is doing bunny mufflers again! It's been a long time since I've made them, but I've started to miss them and despite it being 90-105 degrees F here, it's slowly, but surely(!) cooling down that maybe I'll be able to wear my personal bunny again. I'm sure it's a lot cooler and more fall like elsewhere, which means (hopefully) people may want a cute bunny to cuddle up with?

A few weeks ago as I was going through my yarn stash I found this at the bottom of it.

A lone bunny scarf body with not enough yarn to make the rest of it. I don't know when I started it, but I know why I did! A while back I got colored safety eyes, which included pairs of red/albino eyes. I used one pair for black bunny and one pair for a still incomplete green bunny amigurumi plush. I don't know what took me so long to make a white one since usually white rabbits = red eyes. Oh well, I finally did it.

I was a dummy though when I bought yarn. I was at Wal*Mart the other day because I was in the area and impulsively got white yarn to finish the bunny. Not putting much thought into it, I bought the only white in my brand. After getting home to work on the scarf, I noticed I still had the paper that wrapped around the skein. While looking at it I saw that the color I bought was wrong!
I had bought "white" but the body was made with "coconut"! The color difference is very subtle, but now that I know I can see that the coconut is a warmer white. It's personally driving me nuts since they don't match, making it flawed. I didn't want to return the yarn though, because I knew if I did, the bunny would remain unfinished for who knows how long...

On top of mismatched yarn, I tried a different approach to the stitching. Sort of. Normally the body is made wrong side out and all the other parts and right side out. This time, to do it more uniformly, I made the entire thing wrong-side out. Some parts turned out better than others, like the legs, but some just didn't work out as well as I'd like. It's mostly the head, which didn't seem too bad as I was making it and after sticking in the eyes, I was stuck with it this way. It wasn't until stuffing did it start to look funny. I think next time I'll go back to the old way and maybe just make the body right side out as well. I can't even remember why I did it wrong side out...

This isn't how I expected getting back into bunny mufflers would go, but I guess it's not bad and it's still pretty cute, right?

In other news, my first set of KiguKid Blue prints arrived. They're 4x6 inches, small but reasonable. The color turned out wonderful and over all I'm really pleased with my first set of prints in general. I really need to digitally tweak the rest of my watercolor KiguKids for a complete set of them.

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