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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

White Queen's Crown part 1

I'm sorry that it takes so long for me to post! I wish I was more crafty, but I'm always too tired after school to do most creative things. It's hard to find motivation. And now that I finally have it, I'm starting to slowly lose it. Come sooner winter, so that I'll have more free time.

This year, the San Diego Lolita group is hosting a Halloween event called Haunted Chessboard where, of course, chess is the theme. Which is quite perfect for me really since I own an all white dress and all I need to do is accessorize it all chess-like. My boyfriend will be attending too, so we're going as a pair of opposite pieces, the White Queen and the Black King. Mostly because I don't own any full black lolita dresses/skirts/jsks, and he doesn't own much white. Since birthdays, holidays, and events cost money, I made it a personal goal to spend as little to no money at all on making the accessories and props.

As you can tell, this post is about my main accessory, the crown.

Sorry for not having any before pictures, but it isn't as if the whole thing is complete anyway! I'll try to remember to document the black crown.

The crown is made of cardboard, the kind that I believe would be found inside men's dress shirts when they're folded. I don't remember, I just happened to find it in my room. The fabric is a scrap I claimed from a casual lolita meet up, when one of the girls was trying to clear her stash. I'm glad to finally be using it.

Since I didn't cut the cardboard evenly, it still showed a little even after covering it fabric. I glued fluffy yarn to the sides to try and mask the uneven edges.

Fabric detail. I accidentally stuck it on wrong side out. I think I did anyway, I'm pretty sure the other side looked better, but it's not that big a deal. It still looks nice.

Originally I had wanted the bottom/base to be lined with white fur, but I couldn't find my faux fur and ended us just using the same fluffy yarn. Wrapping and gluing was a little difficult and time consuming since I had to do it in short segments so that the yarn wouldn't tangle as it went around.

Crossed some yarn in the center so I could attach my flower pin in the middle without having to commit to gluing or sewing it in. Messy, but gets the job done.

I've got a veil/white ruffle in progress made from the same fabric scrap that is almost done and a feathery clip I made years ago for prom that's finally getting to be of use again. Next to be made is a white ball to go in the center like the top of a Queen chess piece. This is going to be a rather ornate crown. I'm really quite proud of it.

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