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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yes, another pony. This time, Nurse Redheart without cutiemark and hat. She will have a hat made though, I just don't feel the need to make it right away. Again though, making use of what colors I have. I asked the local fan group what they would rather see, Nurse Redheart or Vinyl Scratch [DJ P0N-3] and you can see who one.

After the vote I realized I didn't know how to do her mane! She keeps it in a bun, but how does one go about making that with yarn without just making a regular yarn ball? I couldn't think of anything better than just winding it up like I would to make a pompom but instead of cutting it after securing the center, I fanned it out and just sewed it on like that. It probably would have been better if I used more yarn for it though, but she is just a test pony [that should be going to a new home actually].

I like how the mare head turned out.

You can see her messy bun and the gaps in it. I don't think it's terrible though.

Comparison between mare and stallion. It's a little hard to tell, but her body is also a little shorter. I can't remember by how many rows though! Either by two or one. It's not a huge difference, but well, to me something like that is. I doubt I'd make a separate filly/colt size though, so I guess any ponies I make of that age group will just be normal sized.

Next on my list of ponies to make are probably Diamond Mint and Screwball when I get the colors and more eyes. I've only got one pair of black eyes left! These size anyway, I've got a bunch of a smaller size.

Have I posted these before? I can't remember. At Anime Conji, there was a guy looking to buy a bow for a friend. He asked if I had green, since it was her favorite color but I didn't. I don't know why I didn't, I guess because I didn't think it was a color many people would want. So I bought green. Two very different greens that finally made it to bow form since I was using one for strawberries and the other for a radioactive/zombie bunny [still in progress].


Current Simply Soft yarn stash minus black, it was in another bag. I need orange, yellow, and purple variants...

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