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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweets Bear

This was an experimental bear.

I wanted to have another go at making a sweets styled animal, like the cherry choco bunny. A bear though to spice things up and because it would take less time to make the ears. Instead of a regular colored bear with just chocolate sauce and a cherry on top, I took a different approach and had the bear coated in another flavoring.

I tend to lose motivation after making the head sometimes [i've still got a fluffy pink cat head, bright green bunny head, and fluffy white jellyfish head waiting for bodies and limbs...] so this time I started from the bottom up! Here's the legs! It looks kind of weird.

I was a little torn on where to start on the next layer, in this case, cream. I thought about having it up higher close to the neck, but ended settling with it near the bottom to look more like a dress/top. I did quite a few new things while working on this project that I'll likely do with future amigurumis. Instead of making the white top separate and attaching it to the legs, I reversed directions went around once on the outer stitches with scallops then turned it around again to follow the original stitching direction [if that makes any sense.] I also connected the legs better, so now there isn't a little gap in the middle [which isn't that big a deal really, but it does look a little better].

At this point it started looking like conjoined ice cream cones with one large scoop of vanilla.

Round brown chocolate head.

More ice cream. I'm not too sure if I like how I went about the colors, but it just made sense to have the "whipped" cream drizzled with chocolate, or rather, drenched since it does cover the whole bear's head.

In full! With a dollop of whipped cream and cherry on top of course.

Made over two days, roughly 4-5 hours all together, not including distractions and when I lost track of time. I really should time myself when working so I can price things accordingly.

From the back it just looks like a blank version of the front really. It's kind of creepy, since it's whole head is covered in chocolate...

I almost forgot to add the nose and mouth. It took me a bit to realize why it was looking so odd.

The bear is a little bit taller than my pen, not including cherry. I'd say it's pretty big. Big enough to use up almost the rest of my stuffing. I've barely got enough left for maybe a small amigurumi, so who knows when I'll make another...


  1. omg this is hilariously cute xD this should be one of your new product offerings! :D

  2. Thanks!
    It is! It's already in shop ;D Compared to everything else though, it's pretty pricey...