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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blue Mint Bunny Scarf Progress #2

Progress photos! I actually finished the scarf weeks ago, but kept forgetting to upload the photos. Here is most of the pieces, with the head being started.

Because there were no ear shape/length specifications [i forgot to say that i could mod it], I just opted for the short rounded ears, since it was meant as a gift and I couldn't remember the age of the girl it was intended for. I figured shorter ears would suit someone younger, as longer ears could get in the way/in her face. I personally prefer the shorter ears myself, because I don't like the longer ears brushing against the bottom of my face when they're up.

Obligatory inside head shot! 


Almost completed bunny! By end of the night, I was tired and couldn't bring myself to finish it. I actually ended up completing it at my friend's house, and since his mom was the client, I just left it there. I didn't have my camera with me, so I unfortunately don't have finished photos of it. It did have a pompom tail [unlike the photo above], and I crocheted a white bow for the accent. It turned out quite nicely.

I'm also involved in the current EGL swap for autumn. No theme meant being "creative." Not that this is all that creative, I mean, I make a lot of bows after all. I decided to have a go at a double brooch. Nothing too fancy, since I don't have materials to make a pearl chain or anything like that, but I like the thin chain just fine too. The colors and decoration strike me as himegyaru though, and my swap partner is an OTT sweet lolita, so I'm hoping that even though it's not loudly pastel/sweet, she'll like it anyway.

The rhinestones aren't attached yet since I'm still deciding if I want to change placement or leave them out entirely...

*I don't have photoshop anymore, which is why the colors aren't so nice...I tend to take photos in the evening, and flash usually washes stuff out, so I opt for no flash. Sorry > 3<

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