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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Autumn Craft Swap

I got my craft exchange package last week actually, but I wanted to wait until the official photo post was up on EGL. But first, have a bit of my art project from two-three weeks ago.

14x16 inches I think? I don't know, I'm too lazy to check the size. We were supposed to make use of space and texture [visual, simulated, and actual texture. I used a bunch of fabric I wasn't doing much with. And a magazine cut out for the water because I almost forgot about the simulated texture. The deer and the sky is my favorite though, the sky is painted and has a pink tulle overlay. I was very pleased with this project <3

Now then, onto what I received in the swap!

I'm not entirely sure what this is! It's pretty though, I like how the teapot's glittery and stuff. And the mix of blue with pearls just reminds me so much of hime! It's on my door knob since I don't know what it's for.

Blue rose ring with pink glitter! It matches perfectly with my Meta Swan Lake skirt since the flowers on it are pink but the main color [besides the ivory] is blue.

Mini hat! And very classic/mori at that. I love the flowers and the color. I might have to move the alligator clip since I don't know how to wear it this way. I part my hair on the right, so I usually wear my hats on that side too, with the decorations facing out, but I'll figure things out.

Knitted earmuffs~ These are super rad. I'll probably put them on a headband or replace the yarn ties with ribbon instead, just for a bit more security. But they are so cute, I'm excited to work them into an outfit when the weather is ready for it. Which it is not, by the way! It's actually very pleasant outside. Darn San Diego weather, doesn't know if it wants to be hot, cold, rainy, or nice... If I were going the ice skating meet up on Int'l Lolita Day, I would totally rock these. You know, if it was cool enough that day/over there.

They've got a flower design with a pearl sewn into the center. I know, really cute.

And some bonus pics, my cat in the hat. [lol]


  1. omg, that hat on your cat is the best *-* Plus, great art print :)

    All these projects you accomplish--you're so inspirational *.*

  2. Your cat rocks that hat! Knitted earmuffs...hmm, I'll have to try making those.