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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Variety of Flower Badges

Update! Yeah! Flowers! Four flower pins with chains. I've added a pearl to each since this photo, so they're all done now. I especially like the blue one, I think it goes really well with the pearl in the center.

This is what they look like completely finished. I was really inspired by brooches with pearl chains, but I have no idea how people do them. Like, do they put each pearl on the chain, or do they buy them pre-strung? I really wonder, but I'd love to make dual brooches with pearl chains. Instead I've got this, since I had headpins  laying around since I tried to make harem-styled jewelry for my doll ages ago. I'm glad I still had a few though, allows for good experiments like this. Also, this chain was originally for necklaces, but I think for future items it might be a little too thin. Chain like this, I think, would be better suited for really delicate charms, things I can't make!

Simple flower. I might go back and add some lace and ribbon, since it seems so plain.

Mori inspired pin~ I really love making these. I need a wider variety or ribbon and lace though. And yarn too of course. I've seen people make pins like this with lace flowers or something, but I think the crochet flowers make it look more natural and well...homemade.

I got a new watch. Pink Panther! Also, I found this old strawberry charm I made years ago. Sparkly with plastic beads and gathered lace! It's so silly, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm going to separate them and use the lace back for something else and probably turn the strawberry into a phone charm.

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