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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This past weekend was Anime Conji here in San Dieg
o. It's our very own anime convention, this being it's second year. I attended all three days, but mostly Friday and Saturday, as I spent very little time there Sunday. I made hair pins to hand out with my business cards that I mostly handed out to lolitas or girls I just thought looked cute. I also passed out normal cards without clips, but all of them had a special coupon code written on the back.

I'm hoping having the code will encourage some sales, alo
ng with offering a free item. It gives an idea of my product, so I may get a sale! Since I only passed out so many cards, I'll share the code here: CONJI2011. Type that in when buying from me for 15% off. It'll go on till the 18th, and I'll likely have more items up before then.

What I wore Saturday. I handed out most of the cards I brought with me that day.

When I was browsing through the artist alley, I noticed someone was selling amigurumi. As it's become a hobby of mine, I took an interest in what she had. Totoro, mushrooms, chickens...all very cute! I can't remember which day, but I saw she had a kodama on the table too! Now that's something simple enough that even I can make. So I thought I'd have a go at it.

It's face is a little wonky. I'll replace it with felt when I have some on hand, so for now it'll have to settle for yarn. I used no pattern, and just made it up as I went, which I think adds some quirkiness to it! But the best part? It's got a capsule it in, so that when it's shaken, it makes the rattling noise!

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