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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New yarn! Jewel tones and a new friend in the making.

My new yarn arrived today. I got a brown gradient, beige "bone," red "garnet," dusty pink "victoria rose," purple "passion," brown "chocolate," and black. They're all such beautiful colors, I'm glad I got them. Bone is for a bunny scarf commission, so it's the same yarn that was used for my scarf.

Since it's dark, all I've got to work with is my lamp and flash, so I'm not entirely sure how these colors will look in daylight, but if they look this nice now, they'll probably look amazing in natural lighting.
I was thinking of using this to make another elf hat, since my last one didn't have enough yarn to be as long as I would've liked...but it could go toward a scarf or amigurumi.

Passion purple! It's a really deep and rich color. I'm not really sure what to do with it though. A purple bunny seems silly, unless someone wants one. It'll probably go toward some bows though, since it is so lovely.

Words cannot describe how gorgeous this dusty pink is. Bright pink is a little much for me, but the dusty color is just perfect. I wish I knew how to make cardigans! It'd be awesome as a cardigan or bolero.

Beautiful jewel tone red. Another color I bought just because it looked pretty! Haha. Hopefully someone will want something made from it. And you know, more bows or other such like that.

Chocolate brown! People mentioned my scarves looking kind of deer like, and I love deer. So this is likely going to be turned into a deer. Although, it might be too dark. Either way, it's very rich.

This is my latest amigurumi project. It's going to be a kitty. Haven't decided on gender yet though.

Currently working on the tail. After that, ears, then legs, assemble, decoration! My first full amigurumi project!

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