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Friday, April 1, 2011

Shop Update and New Bow Size

New listings, yay! A hair bow (see above) and a new and better looking bunny head charm (below). I really do love the dusty pink...

Also made a pair of cherries and smaller sized bows. Not as loud, but they make good accents to things.

Size comparison

I was actually going to use this image to submit to the hair accessory contest on EGL...but then I forgot. Oh well, haha.

Triple bow action! If the white yarn wasn't a different brand/type/whatever, I could totally make this in neapolitan...

I don't really know what to do with this bow.

My camera had a lot of trouble capturing the true color of the purple. It's a deep color, but it in natural lighting, it looked like a much lighter purple in the photos when it really wasn't! The above photo was the best I could get with it.

Flowers. Not sure what to do with these either.

And a simple amigurumi strawberry. Also no idea what to do with this. I just like making things.

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