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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


New listings! All of my stock is up in the shop now. I've got more to make though, since I guess a pretty full shop encourages sales? I don't know, as long as stuff sells I'm happy.

The eyes I bought last week arrived today. Now my scarves can see! Kind of. It's too late for me to use these eyes for them. But Charity's staying blind, and I'm using fancy plastic buttons for the other one.

Charity looks so good with these eyes though. But I kinda like how creepy she looks without them.

I took my first bunny scarf commission last week, which is pretty much going to be a replica of this one. I'm still waiting for the yarn to arrive, and I really hope it doesn't take too long. I'd hate to have my first customer wait too long... The eyes were ordered specifically for her, since she wanted domed black eyes. It's nice to have had a real reason to buy them, because I really like them.
My business cards arrived a week early! Yay! They look pretty nice and I don't mind them being one sided. I guess I could write personal messages or other information on the back if I need to. I could even doodle on them. Either way, I'm satisfied.

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