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Friday, October 10, 2014

Wallets, wallets, wallets.

Wallets! Or card cases. Not quite coin purses since they don't seal completely. Don't want change falling out everywhere. I haven't tested them for that sort of thing though, so maybe coins could work...I'll revisit that subject later.

Anyway, wallets/card cases! Cute, simple, and actually useful! Not to say hair accessories, pins, and stuff aren't useful, but this is something that's actually used. In two (or was it three?) days, I made five wallets.

This was the first since I was mostly just sitting with the purple skein wondering what to do with it. Going solid purple would have been too boring, so the creamy yellow was thrown in for complementary accent. The difference in thickness (weight? i don't really know very many terms...) is sort of apparent though...

This came second, using two colors I still have a good amount of and matched well enough in a neon kind of way.

I ended up not liking how the close in the back since it's too bulky, so they'll both be saved for a giveaway later.

So after the dissatisfaction of the first two, I went on to make a third! Green and yellow. With a lemon wedge. I actually didn't know how to make a semi circle before this. Surprising, huh? But now I do, so it's time to put lemons and limes on everything! (but no oranges though, since I don't have any orange yarn...)

The better back closure. I originally intended to have them close with buttons, but I don't have enough or even a variety of color buttons to match all the different wallet ideas. The ball was too big with the first two, but this is a better size. You can see how keeping coins in it might not work.

A pokeball was suggested and because it's such a basic design I went for it even though I had already started another. You can see it below. I had barely started it before switching so it wasn't a problem, especially since I have three of the same hook size.

Grey kitty head from the opening of the post! I wasn't sure about giving it a body since it wouldn't add any extra functionality.


Useless floppy body!

And it has a tail ! ! !
I considered having the tail just free hanging from the root of it, but I didn't want to risk it getting snagged off or anything. I wish I had placed the snout a little lower though. Before adding the whiskers it reminded me of a bear. The gray kind of makes it a little wolfish too.

Bonus Sketches!

Since my notes are kinda unreadable, can you guess what fandoms I drew in there?

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