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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Feverworm Review

Last month I made a small order from Feverworm. I'd seen their work pop up a few times in the Artist Alley and Draw threads on /cgl/ and was absolutely smitten! I love the coloring style and eye sparkles. As soon as I saw the phone straps of Red and Alice, I immediately bought them. Impulsive, sure, since I haven't collected phone charms in a long time, but no regrets! NONE!
I was surprised to see more included in the package besides a business card. There's even a cute little doodle on the printout.

The items I actually bought (Red and Alice), were in the paper bag. I thought the zigzags on the bag were charming since it matched the packaging on the charms and because the other charms had it on the back. The packaging is cute since it's a little face, chomping on the plastic. The plastic is a bit big though since there's a lot of room for the charms to float about, but that's no big deal.

Included in the package was a business card and two stickers. The cool thing about artist business cards is that they sometimes have art on them. A little sampling of their work and I love it!
I was really excited seeing the stickers. They're so adorable, obviously, considering I bought charms but the stickers are really nice too. Thick and sturdy and better print quality just by nature of material. I'm not a sticker person because I have sticker commitment issues (once it's stuck, it's stuck forever!), so I ended up giving them to a friend.

Here's a comparison of charm and sticker. The stickers are brighter, likely because of being printed on white. The charms themselves are great, I love the clear acrylic and matching colored strap. They're printed on both sides with a mirrored version. The size is also great because for some reason I thought they'd be smaller but this is way better! They're currently living on my 3DS~ with my new growing collection of charms.

I definitely plan to order again, and maybe get the stickers to actually keep.

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