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Friday, October 24, 2014

KiguKids and Machine Sewing

Yes. Machine Sewing, something I don't often do. Now, normally the KiguKids are completely done by hand, needle and thread, but I was feeling lazy. I thought, if it could save time and help me make more, maybe I could just machine sew them. Zigzag stitch the edges to make it similar to the regular dolls, that'll be good enough, right? WRONG. So wrong. Keep reading and I'll tell you about it.

You would think it doesn't look that bad, but it does. At least to me. While the machine did cut time, I still had to take things pretty slow and be careful. But even then, I still messed up! I'm not use to making small things with a sewing machine, so following the small curves while keeping things uniformly at the edge was really difficult for me.

Things drifted a bit and somehow it ended up uneven/crooked on one side. How did that even happen? It's just not the same. Doesn't have the charm that handsewing had. It just looks like I cheated. Thankfully I still have some of this goldfish fabric so I can remake it. I wasn't too happy with the face either, the yellow scales just don't work. I think I'll try the #'s that are on the print instead.

The pink and white one, however, turned out swell.

This one might just be my favorite! I wish I had more of this fabric. I have just enough left to make a mini, but I'd love to have a set of them with different hair styles and facial markings.

I revisited the heart face markings like Prototype II. The white is a little subtle, but the over all colors of this KiguKid is very soft and none of my other colors matched that feeling.

Here's all the kiddos lined up. I suppose I could have lined them up in order of creation. I just wanted to mix up the patterns for the picture. They definitely look more uniform now, which I like.

The blue one really stands out when arranged by color.

I also dabbled a bit in design. Drew up some stationery and a design for a pencil case, but the latter will be a surprise. Maybe I'm getting a little too into the KiguKids. Heh.

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