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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm Alive!

Oooh baby, it sure has been a while hasn't it. About 6 months. My goodness, what happened...?

It's probably because I'm not a very good writer, eheh. But at least I've been making things, so I haven't given up crafting! I got some pretty pastel yarn, learned how to make puffstitch flowers AND doing resin things.
Resin has completely taken over my life. I don't crochet as often (i still do though), but I guess I'm in a bit of a resin craze...

Keep reading if you want to see more, because I've got A LOT to show!
Here are some videos. Sorry for the shakey cam, I don't have a tripod.

And then I got an actual mold for more traditional resin charms...

Incorporating hand drawn items...

Practicing my hiragana and katakana...

and of course stickers!
I also got kind of silly and weaboo trashy and made JoJo sound effect charms.

And then I started doing some digital stuff and printing things to make things a bit easier on myself...

So yeah...Been busy!
Hopefully I can get back to posting a bit more often! What would you like to see? I could even go back and show some progress pics from these if anyone wants to see that :3
Until next time!