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Friday, June 6, 2014

Bats and Pink Strawberries

I only have one size of plastic packaging that I bought with simple bows in mind. Not going to stop me from putting other products in them before shipping them out to clients. The spring strawberry bow is pretty crammed in there, but it fit and closed!
I sold the original baby bat at the monthly lolita swapmeet, but left the listing in the shop as I had already started making another. I made a few changes though.

Instead of safety eyes (which are a pain to install when they're that small) I used black rhinestones. Also replaced the red yarn blush with felt hearts instead. I used my heart shaped hole puncher to get the little hearts.

After that I wanted to make more bats! I used up most of the original mokomoko yarn making the hair pin sets, so there wasn't much left to make even half of a bat. I wanted to keep the bats fluffy and textured so I used the discount pink yarn from however long ago.

I kept the look similar to the white bat since the original pink bat was pretty different with it's three flowers. Pink yarn tied at the neck with a magenta rosette to match. I'm actually starting to run low on pearls and opted to leave out the pearl chain with star.

I probably should have made a template when cutting out the wings since they're so drastically different. But it gives them character, right?

With my 3DS XL for scale. They're about medium sized in comparison to the original mokomoko bats.

I was also told they'd make cute keychains or would be preferred as keychains. Since this was going to be a test, I went for the blue yarn. I was surprised to find I had another felt color that would work. All my other colors were too gaudy (red, bright pink, yellow, and green) and I wanted to save the white in case I make more pink bats.

As a keychain the back would be exposed. Used a bigger rhinestone to cover up the wing stitching.
Right now the bat is on a zipper hook since it's all I have. After putting more thought into it though, this yarn wouldn't be appropriate for a keychain as it could snag and tear the yarn pretty easily.

Scale. Probably closer to the size of the baby bat, but I no longer have it for comparison. It would probably be cute hanging from a rear-view mirror or as a Christmas ornament.

Last Friday I sold the rest of my regular strawberry phonestraps. Seeing as I have more pink yarn, making pink strawberries sounded like a good idea. I just really like the lighter colors. I seem to be getting more and more pastel.

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