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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I recently beat Trauma Center: Under the Knife. I bought Trauma Center: Second Opinion, the sequel, at a pretty decent price and thought to actually finish the first game before playing the second. However, instead of starting on Trauma Center, at the suggestion of my boyfriend, I picked up on playing Pokemon Pearl. It's my second play through, as I guess I was stuck or lost at what to do after not playing for a really long time when I restarted. Instead of restarting again since I hadn't played in a while, it was easy to pick up where I left off. I got my 8th badge and now I'm at the Pokemon League. I think the first time I got bored and annoyed with Victory Road and never got this far. This time though, I'm ready to beat the champion!

With Pokemon keeping me entertained, I wanted to finally make something for it. I'd had the idea in my head for a while, and while it's not a new thing I finally got around to doing it.

A pokebow! I made the one on the bottom first. I'm pretty sure the red has one more row than the white. Since I didn't make it the way I normally do by only crocheting on the inner stitch, I accidentally miscounted rows. Oh well. It's good enough for a trial run and I think it looks okay enough.

The second I made sure to count and get equal rows. I also made it smaller since the tricolor suits the shorter width. With solid colors it doesn't matter as much, but this way it makes it puffier I guess. Either way, I think it looks much better at this size. It also looks a little rounder and more pokeball like.

In other unrelated news, I've been growing cat grass in an old Shonen Jump sampler book. It's going pretty well.

This is from the first week. It grew pretty well. Sadly, my cat got to it before it was ready and while I wasn't home. He pulled both blades of grass right out, seed/roots and all. I came home to find it on the floor along with a dried up seed/root. I guess he didn't like the taste of that part. I have replaced and put more seeds in it though, and one of the seeds has already peeked out from between the pages.

Here's a smaller one where I tested to see if it would still grow okay in a roll of pages. It's doing well, but the roll is too short and the roots have already spread out from under it. I've been trying to tuck the roots into roll, hoping they're grow...up? This one's already grown a second blade as it managed to avoid being eaten. So far, it's been a pretty interesting experience and a good way to use old sampler manga.

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