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Monday, March 11, 2013

Painting I and Watercolor I

Painting! Yeah! Sorry for another non-craft post. The next one for sure will have some crochet stuff in it. Especially since I just made something last night. Anyway...
Been working on still life stuff for my Painting I class. The one above is actually my third painting, but it looks the best so I made it the first picture. It's a complementary color painting, so I was only allowed to use the mixtures of two colors. I picked yellow [cad yellow medium] and purple [prism violet] because I didn't want to have to deal with blue and mixing up an orange. Mixed 7 steps of yellow to violet, and didn't use the pure color of either. They're both slightly dulled with a bit of the other color mixed in.

This is my second painting. It's actually not finished yet, but I'm not exactly eager to work on it. It's an ultramarine blue monochrome painting, using about 6-7 steps of tints, shades, and tones. The blues and folds in the fabric make me think of ocean waves. The original still life is actually red and blue. The still life in my class are set up with a color in mind. There's a cool greenish one, a sort of earthy greenish/red/brown one, a warm red, and a blue. The red and blue still life share a table, and silly me, made a composition of the inbetween area. Red apple on red fabric in front of blue fabric with a mirror reflecting the blue fabric, red fabric, and another apple. The beauty of the colors are wasted...BUT----

The first painting is a grisaille. And mine is absolutely ugly [hence no picture]. It's grey only, middle grey being the darkest value, and it was supposed to be photo realistic. While I got the grey part down, the rest of it is terrible. For a beginning painter, photo realism was soooo not the way to go...but down the line, we'll be glazing over it with color, so I hope that will save it some... ;___;

I'm just glad I'm allowed to do "expressive" brushstroke now, so which makes things easier and faster.

Things are a lot different in my watercolor class. The teacher demo'd techniques to us and then had us create a reference book where we'd do the things she showed us, and then labeled it. I did mine in the back of a sketchbook. So after learning some techniques, we had to paint skies and trees. I think the first/winter tree looks best, but since I started snapping pictures when the sun was setting, I had to kick up the color in SAI...so these aren't exactly the best pictures of them...

We're painting rocks, ground, and water now. It's all prep to paint a landscape, starting back to front [sky, tree, rocks, etc]. It's going okay... I ran out of blue on my palette and didn't bring my paint tubes with me, so my water ended up pretty green. I managed to glaze over it by brushing the blue off a watercolor pencil though. It's still pretty bad though.

This is from a sky that I messed up on. I didn't want to just waste/toss the paper, so I turned it on the side and did something with it. The big mushroom was supposed to be a jellyfish, but things weren't going as I'd wanted. The fish is pretty bad too since I was just making it up as I went along...

Remeber: References are important.

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