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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27 '13

Sorry things have been slow here. Being up and out to school early has me feeling tired lately. Haven't really been in the mood to crochet. I started making earmuffs last Thursday because the weather had been cold and rainy, but it was suddenly warm since Friday. Kinda just set the project aside, since all I really did make was the band. I doubt the weather will be getting cold enough to need earmuffs anytime soon. At least not until April. I haven't been really doing much crafting either, aside from glitter-gluing a plastic horse. I guess with painting and watercolor classes, I've been doing more 2D things. After spending too much on art supplies, I ended up getting more sketchbooks than I needed because of a sale [no point in passing it up, it was a really good one].

Watercolor's got me thinking about Sakizou's artwork and how much I love it [just looking at my meowboard you'd know]. My drawings lately have been trying to mimic her style, while of course still being my own. Mostly the cute and fluffy clothing and coloring. I'm a terrible painter, but maybe I'll be able to work watercolor into my stuff.

Low quality phone picture

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