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Monday, March 18, 2013


If you're confused by the title, it's a mix of Arpakasso and Bow. Bow because of course I make bows, and Arpakasso because I also made an alpaca. It's under the jump...so you should click "read more."

But first, I made a new different kind of bow for variety. Rounded and a sort of heart shaped ends. Next to a regular bow for comparison. Maybe it's the color I used, but it's kind of hard to differentiate the separate parts.

And now...

Alpaca head! It's fuzzy and squishy and cute and white and it has eyelashes! It's going to be a pin of some sort. Haven't decided if it'll just be a regular one or a double brooch yet. Took me around 3 hours to make, including distractions. I would've taken progress pictures but I couldn't remember where I put my camera and then when I did, I was feeling too in the crochet-zone to get up and grab it.

And here's a pair of black and white bows because I can't remember if I posted them before!

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