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Monday, June 20, 2011

In Between Stuff

Since scarf work can get kind of monotonous [the actual scarf part], I made other things in between to keep things interesting for myself. Although, I make a lot of bows, so I don't really know how interesting that is, but it's quick satisfaction of finishing. But I am -almost- done with the scarf. Just another few more inches, then assembly!

Mini aqua bow bobby pin set. I think I'll buy actual bobby pin settings eventually...

Simple large white bow. It's got a pin back along with a snappy clip, so it can be worn in hair too. I actually like the lack of frills on it. And for some reason, it makes my tank top look kind of nautical in this photo. <3

Made a new flower pattern. I think I like this one more than my old way, but they're both nice. This was made with my small hook for smaller stitches so that it would fit on the butterfly bow. I've meaning to do something with it, so I'm glad this turned out well. It's got a pin back, and would probably look best on a bag...I just didn't have any that would look good with it pinned on.

Sold the other pink frill bow, so I made another, but with smaller scallops. This way I don't have to update my Etsy listing~ [i'm cheating, i know]

New flower again, but with my regular hook. And unlike the old flower, the back of it actually looks pretty nice, so I thought it could make a nice charm! It's pretty elegant, I think. Or rather, princessy. I also had some phone straps from Cali Flora donated to me, and this is one of them. The light pink strap matches well.

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