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Friday, November 8, 2013

Granny Collar

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted! I think I've made a few collars since the last post, but nothing post-worthy? I don't know. I started making an Animal Crossing Marshal amigurumi, but who knows when that will get done. Instead, I made a collar the other night and used up a lot of my white yarn! There's not even enough for a kodama anymore. Oops.

I wore it to class the other day and two friends told me that I might be a grandma. BAH! A fashionable grandma! D;<

It's made of two layers, the first is meant to have a ribbon or something similar strung through it. The bottom layer is just a net/criss-cross type pattern with scallops to give it more texture and cover for warmth.

The top layer is 75 stitches across. When I started making the second layer I measured the chain against the first layer and it looked like it was too short. Thinking I miscounted, I added 10 more stitches! When I started sewing it together, I saw the error, but it was too late. Ahhhh...so I just folded it over. Not the best fix, but I didn't know what else to do. At least it's just a personal project and I've learned my lesson!

Can be worn two ways, depending on what it's worn with. When I wore it with my dress I had it up like the lower picture, but when I put my jacket on which had lower buttons I pulled it down to match and make it look like it was part of the neckline. It was nice and cozy.

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