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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Bunny Scarf progress 2

Continued progress photos! Woo~

Finished both ears and attached them to the head. I had to re-write the pattern for them, but they look good. And I can offer more customizing options.

I bought pin-backs, so the flower's attached with that instead of a bobby pin. More versatility too, since it can now be pinned to other things.

Two bow styles! Need her input on which one she prefers. Personally liking the one on the left though. I made two of them before and wore them to Anime Conji as bobby pins, but both fell out of my hair before noon on the first day. It was sad...

All currently finished parts. Just needs the legs stuffed, tail, and actual scarf part, which I've started on. The rate I'm moving with this, it might be done before Monday!


  1. Awesome! Bunny scarf accessories.

    I have two suggestions for you to make this scarf even more awesome:

    1. Keep the accessories detachable if you aren't planning to do that already because it would be super awesome to be able to switch them up and have your bunny scarf wear different things.


    2. Make a top hat! Damn that would be so neat. Especially if there was a matching monocle to go with it. Hahahaha. These bunny scarfs are so cool. I wish I could buy one.

  2. Hello, client speaking :D How are you doing on the scarf?

  3. @puppit: Slowly working away at the actual scarf part. It's almost done though, another 4 or 5 inches of scarf, then after that it's assembling the whole thing.