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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Large Bows and Fairy Houses

Got back into making bows again. I recently stuck my large white one on a headband, and it worked out pretty well as a headbow. Previously I'd been using it mostly on my clothing, but it's always nice when things are versatile. I figured more people would be interested in a hair bow than a phone bow, so hopefully this'll catch some interest. They also make nice brooches, if only I had the backing to stick them on to. They're especially nice on knit stuff too, since the texture is close and all. I'll have worn pictures next post.

This is actually 4 stitches smaller than the pink one, which I made first, but wrote down the wrong stitch count. Go me, right? But I'll probably stick with this pattern over the other one, just because it's more even and easier for me to remember.

I still love this color. A lot.

This has the potential to either be on a bracelet, necklace, or bobby pin. Currently undecided. Or it could just end up as an extra if anyone ever buys something. Free gifts are always nice, right?

Comparison to my personal bow!

As you can see, it's slid onto the hair band, so it can be moved to either side and what not. The problem with this though is that if it had some kind of pin backing, it wouldn't work as a standing headbow. Although, I guess if it had an alligator clip, it would rest flat anyway, so it could still be worn in hair. But I'd need supplies for that, as all I've got are barrette clips, and only 2 at that. Maybe 3, if I pull one off one my knit bows that is actually not that fabulous...

Also, in non-CtF related business [or it could be if people were interested I guess]: Fairy Houses! I recently got a glue gun and have been using it to finally make some fairy houses. I made a door once before using craft glue, but it took forever to dry. This way is so much easier. As a crafter, it's amazing I've gotten this far without a glue gun.

This one's made of entirely dry/dead plants, as I'd been saving them for houses and doors for a few months. The house itself is rose stems, and I have no idea what kind of plant the roof was. The rest is just dried leaves and flowers.

A mostly "live" leaf creation, as I plucked it all the I made it. It's still fairly green now, the white flowers have whithered more, and the leaves are turning more brown from where the glue burned it. For now it's nice and colorful, but it'll eventually be brown and more muted.

My favorite of the houses~ I really love the colors on this one, so it'll be a little sad for me when the leaves turn brown...I've been watching Tangled a lot recently, which inspired the circular shape, reminiscent of her tower. Not that it really looks anything like it, but hey, that's inspiration for ya, right?

Also! My mascot cameo from this post was finally cast last week. However, the mold leaked, so now hollow and use to look like it were in a fire and deteriorated. After attacking it the sand blaster though, it's a lot shinier, but still deteriorated. Pictures to come at a later date, but it does look pretty damn cool.

Oh, and I lowered prices in the shop, and I'll hopefully be adding more stuff to it this weekend or next week, seeing as I'll have more free time, what with finals and all. Ha. Wish me luck!

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  1. Those are pretty nifty lookin' bows you got there. I like the houses, too. Very cool.