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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I like posting in the middle of the night! And I think I might just do it more often, because being patient and waiting until morning to post my late night accomplishments is so hard to do...
Anyway, I present to you my latest bunny muffler:

He's currently nameless, and still eyeless. I need nice buttons...

And of course, MORE BOWS! Because I love making them. And a bunny, because I could.

Found some left over fuzzy purple yarn, just enough to make two bows with. Also got some left over paper stars from a friend. They're super sturdy, being coated quite a few times and all. I wish I'd gotten more from her though, but as I said, left overs [she makes bracelets, they're really nice]. I thought they'd make a nice touch to dangle from the bows.

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